Distinction, innovation, reinvention.


Strong words. Stronger foundations.


When we set off to reinvent the beach towel, in 2013, these were our guiding lights, the beacons that kept us focused and decisive.

Today, they are synonyms to our name, and go hand in hand with what we do and have achieved.








We introduced ourselves with a refreshing take on an overlooked commodity. By injecting a much needed personality and character to a forsaken object, we showed the world that it is not what you do that matters, but how you do it.

We’ve since carried that insight into numerous projects, giving new life and purpose to stagnant products.

This is, and always will be, our way of life.








We rely heavily on creativity and imagination to keep us on our toes, but we depend even further on our passion and commitment to execution.

Great, meaningful and worthy execution, to be exact.

Not only do we aim to make your life better, we aim to make the world a safer and healthier place. That’s exactly why, since day one, we’ve made a point on using only the safest, most ecological and progressive means of manufacturing.

From our materials to production methods and suppliers, everything is deeply scrutinized to meet our standards, and most importantly, yours.








We started strong, and grew stronger.

Our unwavering passion and resolution took us from a fledgling beach towel company to an established global brand.

We’ve conquered the world, selling to every continent and ocean, building partnerships with numerous suppliers and distributors and teaming with up and coming athletes and lifestyle advocates.

But we want to do even more, reach even more. We mean to make Vertty an household name and a true companion to everyday life. We want to help you make the most of your time by taking the most time for what truly matters.


Sizing Chart
 swimwear  XS S M L
80 (31'') 83 (34'') 90 (36'') 94 (38'')
63 (25'') 68 (27'') 73 (29'') 77 (31'')


84 (32'') 86 (34'') 91 (36'') 96 (38'')

How to measure: