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“Providing shoppers an unusual experience can make the product feel that much more special. When customers come across "something unique that they don't see in everyday life, there's a deeper connection."


“Dressing for the beach shouldn’t be complicated, really. All that’s required is a yard or less of material, sunscreen, and slides, right? If only it were so easy! See our slideshow of the most iconic beach covers, and how to get the look."

Design Boom

“the incorporation of a different tag into each piece refers to the concept’s focus on small details, while the brand’s story seeks to tell one of a cosmopolitan spirit that travels to the relaxed environment of the beach."

IDN World

“Vertty reinvented the beach towel concept. Its idea is to transport the city’s sophistication to a more casual environment. With a unique design, the brand explores the full potential of a basic commodity."

Habitus Living

“Made with a cotton-synthetic fabric blend, Vertty’s vibrant handmade, eco-friendly towels are fast-drying and come with added length, and a convenient sewn-in waterproof pouch to stash valuables while you swim"


“And don't expect to find these sand toppers in just any ol' store.Vertty's showroom is located inside a traveling bus that is outfitted with colorful triangles, paralleling the dynamic design of the towels."

Público P3

“So far, the European tour has exceeded expectations. "People love the concept, the brand and especially the design of the towels"says Diogo. In the South of France, the "feedback" was even better than in Spain."

Sizing Chart
 swimwear  XS S M L
80 (31'') 83 (34'') 90 (36'') 94 (38'')
63 (25'') 68 (27'') 73 (29'') 77 (31'')


84 (32'') 86 (34'') 91 (36'') 96 (38'')

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